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“Blossom is democratising access to psychedelic research by presenting papers from a broad range of disciplines in an accessible weekly write-up.”

Josh Hardman

Founder, Psychedelic Alpha

“The work that Floris and the Blossom team have done to document, organise and synthesise the emerging psychedelic research has helped me stay up to date with this fast-changing landscape. The Bloom newsletter and databases are indispensable resources for anyone who wants to understand the psychedelic science and medicine landscape.”

Zach Heighney

Founder, The Trip Report


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“It is wonderful to receive the Bloom newsletter summarising the latest psychedelics research. With so many exciting studies in the psychedelic space, it can be hard to keep up!”

Anne Katrin Schlag

Acting CEO & Head of Research, Drug Science

Blossom is my go-to resource for the latest in research. It’s the only site to which I refer people who want a comprehensive search for and thoroughgoing analysis of psychedelic studies and papers.”

Rick Strassman

Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Author, DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Bridging the gap between research and practice

Flo Coaching

Floris, Founder of Blossom, works towards making psychedelic-assisted therapy become an option for those seeking medical care. Through Blossom and associated consultancy, he’s helping shape the transition from academia to implementation. Simultaneously, he recognizes the utility of psychedelic-assisted coaching within the current (Dutch) framework and offers guided sessions with his fiancee in The Netherlands.