Psychedelics research database and analysis
for researchers, practitioners, and students.

Some sample searches: psilocybin, Roland Griffiths, How to Change Your Mind


Database and analysis of 100+ papers that study (classical) psychedelics.

Find papers, connect the dots, explore psychedelic research.


Monthly overview of latest news in psychelics and original articles published Wednesdays.

  • Research papers update (1st)
  • Original analysis & commentary (2nd, 4th)
  • Industry update (3rd)


Database of who-is-who related to psychedelic research.

Overview of companies, research institutes, important people, and links to their work.


Search through everything. The papers, companies, people, books, and commentary.


A crowd-sourced protocol on how to hold sessions with psychedelics.

Made for practitioners and individuals who want to have a psychedelic experience for a variety of goals.

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How Blossom Works

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You're free to make 3 searches per day on Blossom. To make Blossom sustainable, you can become a member after that. For only €20 per month (or €200 per year) you get full access. If you can't afford this, please email us for a 6 month free access pass.

Becoming a member unlocks additional search parameters. As a member you also get to influence the direction our original research takes. Future plans include a survey of the field, a detailed and interactive timeline, and infographic posters.

All of this work has one overarching goal. Our vision is that psychedelics can be used world-wide to better the lives of many of the 450 million people who suffer from mental health problems. Our support for researchers and practicioners hopes to speed this up.