Psychedelics research database and analysis
for researchers, practitioners, and students.

Some sample searches: psilocybin, Roland Griffiths, How to Change Your Mind


Database and analysis of 100+ papers that study (classical) psychedelics.

Find papers, connect the dots, explore psychedelic research.


Monthly overview of latest news in psychelics and original articles published Wednsedays.

  • Research papers update (1st)
  • Original analysis & commentary (2nd, 4th)
  • Industry update (3rd)


A crowd-sourced protocol on how to hold sessions with psychedelics.

Made for researchers and practicioners, for those with experience and those who want to learn more about the potential of psychedelics for the treatment of mental disorders and the betterment of well-people.


Database of who-is-who related to psychedelic research.

Overview of companies, research institutes, important people, and links to their work.


Search through everything. The papers, companies, people, books, and commentary.

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How Blossom Works

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You're free to make 3 searches per day on Blossom. To make Blossom sustainable, you can become a member after that. For only €20 per month (or €200 per year) you get full access. If you can't afford this, please email us for a 6 month free access pass.

Becoming a member unlocks additional search parameters. As a member you also get to influence the direction our original research takes. Future plans include a survey of the field, a detailed and interactive timeline, and infographic posters.

All of this work has one overarching goal. Our vision is that psychedelics can be used world-wide to better the lives of many of the 450 million people who suffer from mental health problems. Our support for researchers and practicioners hopes to speed this up.