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Blossom makes information about the potential of psychedelics available
you can help speed this up by contributing to our databases & reports

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As a volunteer, you get to help shape the future of psychedelics as medicines. Maybe you care deeply about the number of patients seen by psychedelic start-ups. Or you may want to bring together all surveys on psychedelic use in one place. No matter the subject, we can help you along and together structure the data so it’s useful to thousands of more people.

We are currently looking for volunteers who want to take ownership over a section or a complete database (e.g. books) to truly leave their stamp on the psychedelic landscape.

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Current & Past Volunteers

Alex Criddle

Alex is an independent researcher, writer, and editor. He has a Masters in Philosophy where his thesis was on the nature of healing in the psychedelic experiences. He’s worked as a researcher at a clinic doing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and as a psychedelic integration guide. His writing and contact information can be found at https://alexcriddle.com

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