Blossom keeps close track of new psychedelic research to keep you up-to-date. In cooperation with Psilocybin Alpha, we publish a monthly overview that recaps the latest research in one article. All papers that didn’t make the cut are featured in our handy link overviews.

This is all the other psychedelic research that came out in January 2022.
December was another busy month in the world of psychedelic research as 2021 came to a close. The benefits of microdosing remain in dispute, the use of virtuality reality in tandem with psychedelics is further discussed, while we simultaneously gained further insight as to how different psychedelics work in the brain for different disorders, through both experiments and reviews.
November proved to be another productive month for psychedelic research. A variety of surveys looked at how psychedelics alter beliefs, reduce opioid use, and the effects of microdosing. A finished Phase I trial clear 5-MeO-DMT for the next step, cannabis intensifies a psychedelic experience, and psychedelics may help with Alzheimer's.
This is all the other psychedelic research that came out in December 2021.
October brought us 26 novel publications on psychedelics as medicine. Several studies explored the effects of low doses of LSD, others investigated the positive outcomes of ketamine, whilst some dove into the outcomes of MDMA. Some of the papers published describe interesting experiments and surveys, although many are reviews.
This is all the other psychedelic research that came out in November 2021.
September brought us nearly 30 new and exciting papers on psychedelics that we've added to the database. Some focus on the safety of psychedelics, showing the relative safety of LSD in clinical use for instance. Well-being after the ceremonial or therapeutic use of psychedelics and ego-dissolution as a possible mechanism is also explored.
This is all the other psychedelic research that came out in October 2021.
Psychedelic research continued at pace during the summer of 2021. New research focusing on the risks of psychedelics, the benefits when treating addictions, knowledge of different groups about psychedelics, and much more.
This is all the other psychedelic research that came out in September 2021.

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