MIND Foundation

The MIND Foundation is the European (Germany-based) non-profit that connects psychedelic research and education (mind academy). It is also the organization behind the INSIGHT conference.

MIND Foundation

The foundation offers education opportunities through their academy, several member groups, and the INSIGHT Conference.

They are also spinning out another company (OVID) to build infrastructure for psychedelic treatments.

They themselves formed out of the non-profit FINDER.

“The MIND Foundation team consists of a mixture of paid staff, active members, interns, and volunteers. The staff is supported by about 40 active members and a growing community of more than 600 members who are organized in the MIND Members Association. Our team is interdisciplinary and consists of medical doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, neuroscientists, researchers with a background in cultural studies, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and students from a variety of disciplines.”

Key Staff

  • Henrik Jungaberle – Founder & Executive Director
  • Andrea Jungaberle – Founder & Director of Collaboration and Media
  • Maximilian Von Heyden – Founder
  • Marvin Däumichen – Founder & Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange
  • Sasha Silberberg – Director of Communications
  • Sergio Pérez Rosal, Director of MIND Academny

On the scientific advisory board there are many scientists, most notably:

Company Information

MIND Foundation Website

November, 2016


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The Molecules Program is a graduate-level certificate program that provides a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to studying psychoactive substances.

Beyond Experience
Beyond Experience is a 4-day intensive workshop that offers a comprehensive skill set for working with the whole spectrum of psychedelic experiences.

MIND Webinar Replay Bundle
The MIND Webinar Replay Bundle is a short curriculum for those interested in learning about psychedelic research and therapy.

Augmented Psychotherapy Training
The Augmented Psychotherapy Training (APT) is a comprehensive, two-year program that prepares aspiring therapists to practice psychedelic-augmented psychotherapy and psychedelic integration therapy in a legal, safe, and evidence-based framework.

Footsteps is a 6-week online course that integrates one specific psychedelic experience. Participants will go through a structured process to reconnect with the experience, identify and embody the insights gained, and apply them to real-life changes.

Integration Facilitator Training
The MIND Integration Facilitator Training is a program for those who have participated in Beyond Experience (BE) or Footsteps and want to bring the integrative approach to the psychedelic experience to the world.