Blossom is working on a variety of projects (see our Roadmap). The blogs below (will) keep track of our progress every month (with some skips if there is nothing interesting to note), highlighting the work we’ve done and the updates that have materialized to the databases, reports, and new insights.

Over the past month, I've done more interviews with (potential) customers and some for Lucid News. For both, the results will materialise over the coming months.
Since the February update, I've continued working on expanding the resources that are available on Blossom. Part of that time has gone into adding more courses to psychedelicscourses.com, and a lot of time has gone into expanding research coverage.
During January, I went back to work slowly but surely. It took a bit of time to get back up and running, but I completed the main project: finishing the first version of the revamped Courses site.
January will see the relaunch of our psychedelics courses site and continued updates on the coverage of psychedelic science.
December will see the release of Blossom's new courses website, visualisation, and more info on research papers.
November will be another month of continued building for Blossom. Dynamic visualisations, paper summaries, courses incoming.
Back from ICPR, this is the update blog of Blossom for October 2022. New visualisations, extra data in the database & request for feedback.
Update on the progress of Blossom - psychedelic insights - of June 2022 | Daily blogs, private project & ICPR SMB announcement
Update on the progress of Blossom - psychedelic insights - of May 2022 | Another report finished & introduction of daily blogs
Here is where we stand with Blossom in April 2022. The updates from March and the plans to keep expanding in April.

Blossom Updates

Here we reflect on the progress made by our team on the various sub-topics that our research has explored, the new insights published, and all other progress on a month-by-month basis.