124 million people affected worldwide 1

Borderline personality disorder causes significant impairment and distress and is associated with multiple medical and psychiatric co-morbidities.

Current Treatments 1

Treatment for borderline personality disorder currently consists of psychotherapy and can include medication. Several talk therapy methods such as dialectical behaviour therapy and schema-focused therapy can be used. There is no medication approved for borderline, but this can be given for co-morbid depression or other disorders.

Psychedelic research currently is in Phase IIa

Only one trial with psychedelics has recently started. This trial will look at psilocybin for borderline in combination with depression. Anecdotal evidence points towards positive effects of psychedelices.

Though not studied nearly enough, some psychedelics (mainly ketamine) are being researched to help those with borderline. One trial is ongoing to study the effects of psilocybin on borderline that co-occurs with depression.

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