Psychedelics information for everyone

Our mission is to make psychedelics information (research papers, analysis, books, who-is-who, etc) more widely available.

So to make them become more quickly and widely accepted as use for therapy and self-development.

Who is Blossom

Mission-driven Company

Our work is driven by the need to make information about psychedelics more widely available. But this isn't just a sjaman talking about his healing powers, or a researcher claiming to have invented the next big thing. No, we want to be a critical, thourough, yet enthusiastic voice for psychedelics.

Blossom is in the early stages and our main 'product' is this informational website. Over time we could see it expand and provide information in other forms (e.g. videos, talks). For now we are building the team out and if you're interested in joining, just give a quick email.



Founder & Writer
Floris is responsible for most thing you see on the website. He is currently looking to solidify what you can find here and to build out the team.