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Hire Us

Get expert support with writing & editing psychedelic resources

Explaining psychedelic research, and popularizing exciting findings whilst staying true to the science is our expertise

Blossom’s team can help you produce the following:

  • Research report detailing specific areas of research
  • Investigative exploration of a research area
  • Series of blog or interview articles
  • Private (investor relations) or public written pieces
  • (Interactive) graphics to showcase data

This will come at the price of:

  • Price per hour (minimum 20 hours)
  • Price per word (minimum 2000 words)

Collaborate on a Report

Put your brand in the spotlight by collaborating on a research topic

We can also design a custom research project together

As a collaborator, you will receive the following:

  • Above-the-fold company mention on the research topic page (at least one year)
  • In-depth interview & analysis of your company
  • Unique insights intrinsically valuable to your company
  • Dissemination of the report (page & .pdf) to our audience (site, email, socials)

This will come at the price of:

  • No editorial influence on non-company specific research on this topic
  • Price tag $1-5k depending on the depth of research
  • Time to publish 1-4 months


“Blossom is democratising access to psychedelic research by presenting papers from a broad range of disciplines in an accessible weekly write-up.”

Josh Hardman

Founder, Psychedelic Alpha