Psychedelic Companies

Emory University
Emory University has been involved with some psychedelic trials.
Research Institute
Founded: January 2014
Aird & Berlis
Aird & Berlis is one of Canada's leading business law firms that offer counsel to the companies in the psychedelic industry.
Beond Co
Beond Co is a network of clinics offering ibogaine-assisted therapy for the treatment of opioid use disorder and other addictions.
Founded: June 2021
Freedom Biosciences
Freedom Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotech platform company developing next-generation ketamine and psychedelic therapeutics.
Sacred Medicines
Sacred Medicines is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), working with multiple committed individuals and organizations to provide benefits to communities for whom ayahuasca and other medicines are sacraments.
Founded: January 2020
Natural Medtech
Natural Medtech is an Australian biotech company working on developing psychedelic plant medicine for the treatment of substance use disorders and depression.
Founded: June 2021
Madrigal Mental Care
Madrigal Mental Care is an Israeli company focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical delivery systems for mental health care.
Psychedelic Survivors
Psychedelic Survivors is an online network dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual abuse/assault, and/or direct personal harm within the context of psychedelic therapy, sessions or ceremony.
Enosis Therapeutics
Enosis Therapeutics is an Australian medical technology and psychedelic research company that leverages virtual reality (VR) for the contextual modulation of psychedelic therapy to improve treatment outcomes.
Founded: June 2020
Global Initiative for Psychedelic Science Economics
The Global Initiative for Psychedelic Science Economics (GIPSE) is a network of health economists dedicated to achieving the potential of psychedelic therapies for high-priority mental health conditions.
Research Institute
Oscillate is the first public listed investment issuer in the UK with an approved investment strategy focusing on the medical psychedelic industry.
Be HERD Foundation
The Be HERD Foundation is a global community that empowers people through Health, Education, Research, and economic Development (HERD).
Holo Therapeutics
Holo Therapeutics is a mental wellness company based in Los Angeles that is helping clients navigate the landscape of psychedelic-assisted therapies.
Founded: June 2021
Woke Pharmaceuticals
Woke Pharmaceuticals is an Australian biotech company developing novel psychedelic compounds.
Founded: July 2021
Clairvoyant Therapeutics
Clairvoyant Therapeutics is a clinical-stage Canadian biotech company focused on psychedelic therapy drug development for substance use disorders.
Founded: June 2021
Beckley Retreats
Beckley Retreats is the latest edition to the Beckly Foundations' ecosystem, offering psychedelic retreats in Jamaica.
Palo Santo
Palo Santo is an investment fund operating in the psychedelic space. The fund is investing in companies in order to address current inadequate mental health therapies.
Founded: June 2020
Ohio State University
The Center for Psychedelic Drug Research & Education (CPDRE) at the College of Social Work at Ohio State University aims to explore and advance the research about psychedelic drugs and their effects, and to disseminate the knowledge about psychedelics.
Research Institute
Founded: January 2022
Remedy is a psychotherapy clinic and research group helping people living with a range of mental health disorders.
Portland Psychotherapy Clinic
Portland Psychotherapy is a clinic, research and training centre with a unique business model that funds scientific research.
Founded: June 2007
Limbic Medical
Limbic Medical investigate the underlying factors of pain, addiction, and mood disorders to customize an innovative whole-body approach to relieve suffering and achieve a balanced state of being.
Founded: May 2018
Pacific Neuroscience Institute
The Pacific Treatment & Research in Psychedelics (TRIP) Program is dedicated to the development of psychedelic-assisted therapies and the scientific exploration of how altered states of consciousness can be harnessed to change behaviour and improve brain health and quality of life.
Founded: August 2019
Duke University
The Centre for Integrated Psychedelic Science at Duke University is a multidisciplinary collaboration dedicated to studying the mechanistic, phenomenological, therapeutic, and relational effects of psychedelic compounds.
Research Institute
Founded: April 2022
Spanish Psychedelic Society
The Spanish Psychedelic Society (La Sociedad Psicodelica) advocates for the careful use of psychedelics as a tool for personal and spiritual development in Spain.
Founded: January 2019
Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research
The Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research (Psyty) was established to promote research related to psychedelics in Finland, bring together professionals interested in this topic, and advance cooperation with the international research community.
Founded: December 2016
Swedish Network for Psychedelic Science
The Swedish Network for Psychedelic Science (Nätverket för Psykedelisk Vetenskap, NPV) is a nonprofit organization based in Stockholm that works to promote the scientific study of psychedelic substances.
Founded: June 2016
Osmond Foundation
Osmond Foundation is a Swedish non-profit organization founded to support research and education in the field of psychedelic science.
Founded: September 2020
University of Aalborg
Psychedelic research is underway at the University of Aalborg after serving as a test site for COMPASS Pathways.
Research Institute
Aarhus University
Researchers at Aarhus University are undertaking a study investigating how and why people in Denmark microdose.
Research Institute
Psychedelic Society of Denmark
The Psychedelic Society of Denmark, or Psykedelisk Samfund, is a non-profit aiming to create a foundation for the reintegration of psychedelic substances into society.
Founded: November 2015

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