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Vicente LLP is a leading national cannabis law firm that provides comprehensive legal and policy services to a diverse range of clients in the marijuana, hemp, and psychedelics industries. The firm’s expertise extends to businesses, investors, governmental bodies, and advocacy organizations operating within these rapidly evolving sectors. With a strong foundation in drug policy reform, Vicente LLP maintains a commitment to advancing public interest through direct advocacy, pro bono legal services, and community engagement.

The firm’s practice areas encompass various services, including policy drafting and implementation, regulatory compliance, corporate law, and strategic guidance for emerging therapies. Vicente LLP has been at the forefront of significant legislative developments, such as Colorado’s Natural Medicine Health Act, demonstrating its influential role in shaping the legal landscape of psychedelics and cannabis. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience navigating complex regulatory frameworks, including the Controlled Substances Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Vicente LLP distinguishes itself through its dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, actively advocating for social justice and supporting cannabis industry equity. The firm fosters strategic relationships with like-minded organizations and offers career opportunities for professionals specializing in cannabis law and policy. With its comprehensive understanding of the transition from prohibition to regulation, Vicente LLP is well-positioned to guide clients through the intricate legal and regulatory challenges of the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

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January, 2010


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HQ / Office 455 Sherman St #390, Denver, CO 80203, United States