Painting in the psychedelics field

Mapping, understanding, connecting

“Roads?! Where we’re going We don’t need roads!!!”
– Dr. Emmett Brown


Blossom was founded to speed up the implementation of psychedelics as medicine. For this purpose, this website and our other projects aim to spread knowledge about psychedelics far and wide.

The ultimate goal is to see psychedelics being widely available for the treatment of mental health disorders and assistance with self-development. It’s our understanding that this field will revolutionize how we both help people and expand our knowledge of the world.

We aren’t there yet. When Van Gogh was painting the Almond Blossom, he had to start at the trunk of the tree. From there he could work his way up the branches, ending at the blossoming flowers. Blossom also has to start at the trunk, working our way up to fill in the beautiful details as we progress.

Please use this page as a place to look at our draft book, our sketches of future branches and eager possibilities. The branches are not set in stone. So do send us an email to shine your light on future developments.

Now, onto the sketching pad.

Q2 2022 – April, May, June

Now that we have a basic version of nearly all topics covered by psychedelics, we want to dive deeper in partnership with some of the best psychedelic companies.

We have now (mid-May 2022) finished one paid report (to be published after review) and have a much larger report in the works together with a partner.

Next to that partnership, we remain open to partnering on other reports or other paid engagements.

Over the last few months, we’ve been highlighting more and more what companies are doing in the psychedelic space. Now we want to also expand the information that is collected in our database.

Just as we’ve done for papers & trials, we will provide more information on the companies working on psychedelics.

Next to the individual data points, we will also expand to cover more company data in overview pages.

Co-organise ICPR Science Meets Business

Put together an awesome event on the 21st of September that will bring together thought-leaders and effective entrepreneurs bringing psychedelics out of the lab and into the real world.

Q1 2022 – January, February, March

The reports bring to life the information from the databases, they are each an introduction to a specific topic (e.g. depression), compound (e.g. MDMA), or country (e.g. Switzerland).

Next to finishing our first versions of the reports, we are actively looking for collaborators to help make more detailed versions of the reports.

Since Q3 2021 we’ve been working on redesigning Blossom. This includes the new logo and styling, but also a new way of displaying the databases and individual pages (e.g. of a single paper).

The biggest changes here will be the search and individual pages for papers and companies that we’re working on behind the scenes.

Running since 2019, Blossom has been funded primarily by the personal funds of our founder. We are now actively working on recruiting partners to work with as well as emploring individual users of the database to chip in if the information we provide is valuable to them.

Contact us if you’re interested in cooperating.

Updates ➝


Papers (academic articles) database with all major/relevant papers – currently being updated daily


Events (conferences) database with all major events in psychedelics – currently complete and is updated weekly


Companies database with all companies from non-profits to new startups – currently relatively complete (~90%) but with little information on each entry


People – detailed profile/cv on all key people in psychedelics


See our very early updates here

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