Roadmap of Blossom

"Roads?! Where we're going We don't need roads!!!" - Dr. Emmett Brown

Painting in the psychedelics field

Mapping, understanding, connecting

Blossom was founded with the mission to make information about psychedelics more widely available. To this purpose, this website and other projects aim to spread knowledge about psychedelics far and wide.

The ultimate goal is seeing psychedelics being widely available for the treatment of mental health disorders and assistance of self-development. It's our understanding that this field will revolutionize how we both help people, and expand our knowledge of the world.

We aren't there yet. When Van Gogh was painting the Almond Blossom, he had to start at the trunk of the tree. From there he could work his way up the branches, ending at the blossoming flowers. Blossom also has to start at the trunk, working our way up to fill in the beautiful details as we progress.

Please use this page as a place to look at our draft book, our sketches of future branches and eager possibility. The branches are not set in stone. So do send us an email to shine your light on future developments.

Now, onto the sketching pad.

October 2020

Epistemic status: highly likely

Blossom Analysis

  • Promote Blossom Pro & add 2 features 0/2
  • Adding features to the paid option (€20 p/m) of Blossom allows me to hire more people to work on Blossom and make it better. The features added will only be 'extras' and won't take away from the experience of anyone currently using the website. Ideas for features are 1) bookmarking/saving papers/pages, 2) adding personal notes, 3) separated (paid) research services (e.g. Blossom find me all papers on X for Y, will cost Z), 4) special newsletter for X group (students, coaches, industry), 5) early access to original work
  • Add more papers, people, companies, books +10/200, +2/30, +2/30, +1/300
  • Many papers (almost the full 200) are in draft version that need only a little more editing to be published. I will keep track of new papers and add them within a few days after publishing/found. With 200 more papers, the database should have the 'basics' covered. My best estimate at this moment is 1000 papers that are relevant enough. Different from other database projects, I want to provide a lot of context and explanation around each paper, that is mostly what is taking up most the time here.
  • Add new book section/website
  • Next to the books currently listed, there are hundreds of books about psychedelics (culture). It would be awesome if I could add more (that I haven't read yet) and provide some information about them (the 'meta-data'). This will be available here on Blossom, and possibly also on a separate website. The idea would be to add affliate links to Amazon that sponsor MAPS (or similar).
  • Cooperate with other psychedelic database projects
  • I've spoken to most people who are working on similar projects, to see how we could help each other and provide the best information. In this month you may see the first mini-project in cooperation with one of these awesome people.
  • Add .pdf download of 'psychedelics and ...' page(s)
  • A .pdf version may be something that is easier to digest than a text-heavy webpage. I do want to make this process automatic so that when the page updates, the .pdf also updates. This will be something that people have to pay for (i.e. be that 'extra' mentioned above).
  • Update/Publish About Page
  • Here I want to lay out more of my background/thoughts about psychedelics. The database aims to be neutral and informative, but I think it's good to know where I come from (rationalist, atheist, etc). On this page (or services) I also want to publish my (monetary) business plan. This would include the pledge to give 30% of revenue to effective charities and possibly also everything above value X.

Psychedelics Courses

  • Add featured/highlighted option (paid by person offering course)
  • This way I can devote more time to this (side-)project and add more features like credits and other data about the courses and update it more frequently.

Tripping Cards

  • Finish first draft of card texts
  • This project may be the one that could reach the most people. Where Blossom Analysis is mostly for serious students of psychedelics (researchers, therapists, coaches, etc), these cards may provide information and assistance to many who are embarking on a trip. Contact me for more info about this project.
  • Draft design of cards (both sides)
  • Draft both the text (already workshopped a few times now) and a design for the back of the cards (also have quite some ideas for that). For this project I'm working with a friend who is also a great designer.
  • Find printer (costs)
  • This is shorthand for the economics of it all. How much will it cost to make, ship, etc. And how long will everything take when we have the designs ready? Will we be able to ship before the winter holidays?

Check back in with our past updates at 'Blossom Updates'

Make Blossom Sustainable

Blossom is free to use and will always be.

Supporting Blossom makes this possible. When you support Blossom for €20/month, you get access to our downloadable files, influence over the direction of our 'psychedelics and ...' pages, and future projects.

Our vision is that psychedelics can be used worldwide to better the lives of as many as 450 million people who suffer from mental health problems. Our information hopes to make that vision come to life just a little faster.

The Next Three Months

Epistemic status: likely

Blossom Analysis

  • Ask companies for contributions
  • My original plan was to ask you, the individual reading this, for contributions. I might pivot a bit to asking companies for contributions. This could be one-man companies (e.g. coaches) or larger psychedelic companies. Another possible option is to find funding from foundations, but that is a second/third option. To get to 'ramen-profitablity' I think the project(s) need 200 (individual) contributers, and double that to really speed up progress.
  • Add more context & notes to papers 10/100
  • All papers have some context added already, but I want to go further. To dive deeper into what each paper contributes, on which work it builds, what papers have continued after this one, etc. This requires a closer reading of the papers. In 3 months I can imagine that I (together with others) may be able to do this for the 100 top papers.
  • Add more search functions to papers
  • This may include extra search functions like searching on what type of measure is used (EEG/fMRI), and the quality of the paper (based on some criteria, possibly from Cochrane).
  • Add at least 3 more 'psychedelics and ...' pages 0/3
  • The first page on creativity was a lot of work, but also very rewarding work that should be relatively easy to uphold/update. It's also something that could be valuable by itself and sold as .pdf (so you 'get' something if you pay for Blossom - see October goal).
  • Cooperate with others on 'psychedelics and ...' pages
  • I would have to figure out to what capacity I can cooperate with others on these pages. But I can imagine that it would be very valuable to speak to researchers (interviews or email) and get feedback on the draft of those pages.
  • Add top 10-ish lists of papers on XYZ
  • This could be a blog-page that lists (and links to) the 10 most fundamental papers on psilocybin, MDMA, or more specifically on therapist training. This could be similar/in conjunction to the 'psychedelics and ...' pages. And this could be back-linked from the papers and database search itself (e.g. showing a badge that it's listed).
  • Add more info for researchers
  • Researchers are also looking for other types of paper, the green one. They may be helped by more info on where to find funding, participants, datasets, and more. For this I would need to speak to more researchers.

Psychedelics Courses

  • Add CE/CME/other credits to info cards
  • Add this information to make it easier for people to find the courses that work for them. I also think this will become increasingly important for therapist (of which many need to be trained within the next few years).

Psychedelics Directory & Psychedelics Protocol

  • Continue or axe
  • These projects need to have a go or no-go from me. The first is a directory of all guides, coaches, etc. I think it could be really valuable, but also one that takes quite some time to make (again, not just scraping data but really looking at each listing). I know that someone else is also working on this, so I might drop it if that projects comes through. The latter is a draft website for providing information on how to do a trip yourself and what to think about. This will be probably be surplanted by the Cards project.

Tripping Cards

  • Launch before gift-season
  • If the work in October provides a nice basis, then this would hopefully be possible. Keep it simple should probably be the motto.
  • Have Theta-version tested before end of November
  • If you get the joke/reference above, awesome! But get everything ready to print before December is the goal here.

Future Features

Epistemic status: possible


  • Gather an advisory board
  • Ask some of the awesome people that I've spoken to for advice. Do this on a quarterly basis or more often individually. For instance ask them feedback on what currently is published on this page.

Blossom Analysis

  • Declare a victor over the backlog
  • I know the website will never be complete. Still, there will be a moment that all of the core/planned papers, people, and companies have been added. That would be a day to celebrate.
  • Quotation helper
  • Many papers start with a similar introduction or need quote earlier research about why X works for Y. How great would it be if that could be made easier with a list of 'accepted' quotes and citations. Research may be too esoteric for this to work, but possibly it could be helpful.


The part of the trunk already painted

Blossom Analysis

  • Made a searchable database of psychedelics papers, people, companies
  • Added papers, people, companies, books 120, 90, 210, 20
  • Kept track of news & researchJan 2020
  • Published weekly newsletter July 2020

Psychedelics Courses

  • Listed all known courses, updates 1-2x p/m 43
  • Sorting options by Where, When, Costs

Psychedelics Directory

  • Started directory of guides, coaches, clinics
  • Listed all known in The Netherlands 20+