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'Psychedelics and ...' is our series of pages that highlight the influence and connection of psychedelics and the topics it touches. The pages combine the scientific research with the wider implications that result from that research. When applicable it lists people and companies working on this topic. Soon you will also be able to download the reports in full.

... Creativity

Psychedelics and creativity have intertwined ever since the dawn of history. From psychedelic mushrooms rock art in Spain and Mayan mushroom statues to Aldous Huxley and Steve Jobs taking a pinch (or two) of psychedelic. Psychedelics inspire one to see the world anew

Individual reports of creative outbursts on psychedelics are abundant. With MDMA coursing through your brain, the critical narrator is muted. A dose of psilocybin makes even the most ordinary scene shine with brilliance. And that third hit of DMT may take one beyond the confines of this universe.

Research before 1970 seems to confirm these findings with some large-sample studies. More careful experiments, but still mostly natural-setting studies, are slowly converging on more solid evidence of what aspects of creativity (i.e. convergent vs divergent) are influenced by psychedelics. As we understand more about the neurology of psychedelics, the mechanisms become clearer.

Creativity itself isn't defined very robust, and this report dives deeper into the different measures used in studies. Openness to experience and other factors interact with creativity. And as always, much more research has to be done.

But this hasn't stopped companies, and millions of individuals, from exploring psychedelics as a tool to enhance creativity. From microdosing LSD to macrodosing psilocybin, we've identified how psychedelics are being used to stimulate our creative toolkit.

Future Topics

We are currently starting work on the following topics, you can already use these pages to see which studies have been done on the topics.

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