, which emerged from Back2Nature, founded earlier in 2017, offers psychedelic coaching and day retreat truffle ceremonies. As an expansion of the original company, which currently has six locations, has plans to double the number of locations by 2024 and double again the following year. This growth provides broader access to the company’s unique experiences, where truffles’ healing properties come together with guidance from (regression) therapists and psychologists. wants to be accessible, available and affordable for everyone to help humanity further. In the programs offered by the company, preparation and integration are extensively supervised by

The symbiosis between and these experienced professionals highlights the company’s scientifically based approach to facilitating truffle ceremonies and offering psychedelic-assisted coaching. was designed based on many American and Dutch (psychedelic) studies and various courses in The Netherlands and abroad.

The holistic approach is reflected in carefully considering the set and setting, providing participants a safe environment to explore their inner journey. Combining age-old rituals, modern therapy practices and growing venue availability.

Dutch, English and German are spoken by the interdisciplinary team of professionals.

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May, 2017


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HQ / Office Akersloot, Netherlands