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Can we use psychedelics to alleviate extreme suffering?
Jesse Hudson is Chief Legal Officer at Woven Science and is spearheading their El Puente initiative to give back to these communities and preserve their cultural heritage.
The PSYCH Symposium was another great insight into how psychedelic medicine is progressing, with lots of exciting presentations & discussions.
Psychedelics - for research - need to be made somewhere. Peter van der Heyden - CSO of Psygen - told me about the process.
Looking inside the brain may help us understand how and why psychedelics work.
Since the turn of the century, there have only been eight psychedelic clinical trials investigating anxiety. Of these studies, most have looked at end-of-life anxiety. This leaves a whole field of psychedelics for the betterment of mental health open.
Veterans face unique mental health challenges due to their service - rates of depression, anxiety and PTSD are much higher among this group when compared to the general population.
Three months after a high dose of psilocybin, 40% of participants with anorexia saw improvements.
The research group UNITy - Understanding Neuroplasticity Induced by Tryptamines - wants to change that. The crowdfunded study - using DMT - will be the most extensive fMRI study with psychedelics to date.
Over April, we continued to learn more about psychedelic medicine. Let's take a quick look at some of the exciting articles released into the wild in April.

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