Research Column

Every month we take a close look at a recent psychedelic paper. Blossom has partnered with Lucid News to dive deep into the most exciting research each month. Not only do we put a recent paper in context, but we also cover the best and worst aspects of the paper and the wider scientific communities’ reactions.

Microdosing is becoming more popular every day. From Hollywood to small towns all across the word. Is there scientific merit to it, or all placebo? And does a new paper prove the benefits of microdosing?

Monthly Psychedelic Research Column

What is the impact of psychedelic research? And how are we to interpret the results of the latest hyped research paper? Each month we, in cooperation with Lucid News, take a sharp look at a high-profile (or under-highlighted) research paper.

We explain the findings, examine the weak points, recall earlier research, and gather opinions around the community.

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