Blossom covers the latest that goes on with the implementation of psychedelics. We keep track of the myriad companies working on making psychedelics a medicine that can help millions. Find our commentary on the business of psychedelics here, as well as our overview pages.

Bek Muslimov is a Co-Founding Partner at Leafy Tunnel. Over the past 7 years, he’s been investing in European life sciences and technology companies. Floris Wolswijk, spoke with Bek to learn about Leafy Tunnel’s investment strategy and what brought him to invest in psychedelics.
Itay Hecht is the CEO & Co-Founder of PsyRx, an Israeli pharmaceutical producer of natural psychedelics - ibogaine and psilocybin specifically. As there will be a need for natural - but GMP grade - psychedelics, PsyRx is filling that gap.
Peter is the CSO and co-founder of Psygen - where they make psychedelic APIs - active pharmaceutical ingredients - for research and at scale. Dive into our interview to learn about the challenges of scaling up the production of psychedelics.
Psychedelics are poised to be a paradigm shift in mental healthcare but will this paradigm shift have a truly global impact? Here we discuss some reasons why this is unlikely.
A change in policy surrounding psychedelics is needed. Here we discuss the barriers to change and how they might be overcome.
From drug policy reform to virtual reality, psychedelics are entering the 21st century | Guest post for Drugs&Me
How can we marry psychedelic capitalism & reciprocity? | Blossom speaks to Woven Science on their approach to indigenous communities, how they can give back, and provide a template for others to do so.
Expected to be north of $1 billion in revenue in the coming years | An investigation of the companies implementing psychedelic medicine
Blossom sits down with Zach Heigney, founder of The Trip Report | We discuss the impact of technology on psychedelics
In August 2021, Blossom interviewed dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle for the Psychedelics as Medicine Report - Third Edition. Henrik shared widely about the plans of the MIND Foundation, perspectives on therapist training, and the differences between the EU and the US.

Business Articles

Blossom‘s articles span the whole range of businesses that will implement, or are currently already implementing, psychedelics as medicine. From biomedical companies that invest in the next generation of molecules, to the therapists that will sit with patients, and all the way back to the producers of psychedelic molecules. Here we cover the full range of psychedelics as medicine. You can find all the companies in our Companies Database.