Blossom Update – January 2023

I’ve been out of the running for a bit after donating a kidney. It was a great experience, and I’ve got a tentative blog out on my personal site.

This means that there is some catching up to do with regard to the databases, but that should all be done in the first week of January.

Here are the specific milestones that I’m working towards:

  • Re-launching the PsychedelicsCourses site (full redesign, aiming for 15 January first release)
  • Adding more full summaries (available to paid subscribers, aiming for 300+ by the end of the month)
  • Adding 10+ subscribers (paying members for Blossom)

Besides the public-facing work, there is also some very interesting consultancy work. I hope to share some more insights when/if possible (but it makes me more hopeful about the future of psychedelic medicine).