Blossom Update – February 2023

During January, I went back to work slowly but surely. It took a bit of time to get back up and running (see the last update), but I completed the main project: finishing the first version of the revamped Courses site.

Instead of having a one-page list of all the different courses that are out there, PsychedelicsCourses now hosts all courses on individual pages with a few paragraphs of description and tens of parameters (e.g. what topics the course is about, the price, and when it’s available).

Blossom’s Metrics

Starting this month, I want to be open about the metrics that are useful to track for Blossom. I’m still figuring out which things to track exactly, but here is the first version. Sharing this is based on the Open Startup principle of sharing numbers from a startup.

The Bloom Subscribers: 1751 (54% open rate)

Sprout Members: 6 (€90 p/m)

Revenue from PsychedelicsCourse: €0 (just launched)

Traffic Blossom: 8.6k users

Milestones for February 2023

February will partially be filled with consultancy work (where I’m currently making the bulk of revenue, but my hope is to rely on memberships mostly by the end of the year). Next to that, here are my plans:

  • Update the remaining courses to have the full information (~100 remaining)
    • Add new courses (~10 expected)
    • Inform course teachers about their listings (most still to go)
  • Revamp the reports and make more member-only content for the reports
    • E.g. including the full summaries of (top) relevant papers to the reports and add more context where possible