Blossom Update – May 2023

Over the past month, I’ve done more interviews with (potential) customers and some for Lucid News. For both, the results will materialise over the coming months. In terms of deliverable work, there have been improvements to the experience for paid members with a music report added, a new login experience, and 20+ full summaries of research papers becoming available.

Another feature is under development, showing the effect matrix (which you might know from – though they have since changed it) for different psychedelics.

The coming month will also be dedicated to updating a few projects, including the Atlas and Originals database. The results from both will be included in my talk at MAPS’ Psychedelic Science 2023 conference.

Besides that, there isn’t much to say now; everything is moving in the right direction.

Blossom’s Metrics

The Bloom Subscribers: 2086 (up from 2004 in April, 54% open rate)

Sprout Members: 8 (same; €120 p/m)

Revenue from PsychedelicsCourse: €0 (no initial luck, but the site is growing)

Traffic Blossom: 8.7k users (down from 9.4k in April, 28 days)

Milestones for May 2023

Pending new information from the interviews, these are some of the things I’m likely to work on:

  • Update the remaining courses with full information (still some to be finished)
    • Add quiz to the site to help people discover the course that fits them
  • Add summaries to more research papers (from the past)
  • Revamp the reports and provide downloads for members
    • Add an effect matrix on the report pages
  • Provide information on who-is-who and what each research centre is working on
  • Prepare my talk at PS2023 (which builds greatly on the database)
  • Finish the revamp of the books database (already many pages done)
  • Update the Originals database
  • Go live with the new interface (chatBlossom)

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