Blossom Update – October 2022

Over the last few months, we’ve been most engaged with helping organise the business day of ICPR. The whole conference was a success, with over 1100 attendees and 240 specifically for the business day (ICPR Psychedelic Science, Ethics & Business (PSEB)). It was a long road to get everything organised, and we look back with gratitude for the awesome cooperation with the OPEN Foundation (which is organised ICPR 5 times, and has been promoting psychedelic research in The Netherlands and Europe for over 15 years).

Now, the focus is back on improving the coverage we have on Blossom. Both by expanding the database (individual points) and by expanding our overview pages. One in particular that we’re exited about is the overview of ‘original’ studies. This will present a table of all the psychedelic studies that have been done, and make this in such a way that it gets automatically updated.

All that being said, here are the milestones that we achieved this Summer 2022:

  • Published the psychedelic research map (The Atlas of Psychedelic Research)
  • Co-organised ICPR PSEB

October 2022 Blossom Plans

As mentioned above, we are building out more visualisations for Blossom. Next to the ‘originals’, we’re working on mapping out how many studies have been done for the various ‘topics’ (e.g. depression). Both visualisations will be accompanied by an overview page. The visualisations will be directly linked to the database and update automatically as we add new research.

If time permits, we will also restart the coverage of psychedelic businesses. Both by adding more new companies, and by adding more meta data on the current ones listed (e.g. financing and contact information – this is for our paid customers only).

Finally, we are looking to hear from you. What would you want to see on Blossom. A one question survey will be featured on the top of the newsletter during the coming weeks.

Now, onto the milestones for October 2022:

  • Publish first visualisation page
  • Update research papers database to reflect new parameters
  • Publish second visualisation page (if time permits)
  • Publish a report we’ve done earlier that can now be released
  • Contiue with our regular daily updates and 3x per week blogs

See our roadmap for more information.