OVID is a spin-off from the MIND Foundation, and will develop psychedelic therapy (infrastructure) in Germany/Europe. The spin-off was done so that this (LLC-like) entity is able to train therapists and host the (to date largest) psilocybin study for depression.

OVID offer Augmented Psychotherapy whereby, the effectiveness of psychotherapy is enhanced with additional techniques i.e ketamine or with non-pharmacological methods. OVID currently offer ketamine-assisted therapy at their clinic in Berlin. Additionally, people who have had an intense psychedelic experience can contact OVID if they desire to better integrate the experience into their day-to-day life.


OVID is in a similar structure as MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, where here MIND owns 25% and has a veto right.

The company is, next to the psilocybin study, also working on training therapists for ketamine-assisted therapy for depression.

Company Information

OVID Website

August, 2020


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Boxhagener Str. 82, 10245 Berlin, Germany