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Research into psychedelics has been ongoing since the 1950s in a scientific context. LSD and MDMA were two of the tools that many psychiatrists had available in those early days. Unfortunately many of the clinical experiments were shut down between 1970 and 2000 as psychedelics were included in the Controlled Substances Act. But persistant researchers and NGOs continue(d) to advocate for research with these compounds.

Regulations around psychedelics are still very strict in most countries and research is therefore much more expensive than it should be. Still, many experiments and trials have been done again in the last 20 years. MDMA and psilocybin are now poised to become medicines, ketamine is already being used off-label for the treatment of depression, and many other psychedelics are being researched for medical use.

Psychedelics research is being championed by the following research institutes & NGOs and researchers.

The organizations and people above are, in large part, responsible for the revival of research into psychedelics. Nowadays there are tens of publications on psychedelics each month. Of all the papers on psychedelics, the following have been 10 of the most influential studies.

Psychedelics Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Short summary of history, links to (external) timelines. Snapshot of 2020 (funding milestones, phase 3 MAPS USONA etc). Extrapolation to the future. Links to research & news pages. Conferences link (show the 'tomorrow'). (top 3ish and preview of everything so reading this pages gives overview immediately)

Psychedelics Media

Written (books & websites (informational companies pre-filled), some examples of both. Podcasts (overview page). Links to TripReport, PToday, RoP. (top 3ish and preview of everything so reading this pages gives overview immediately)

Psychedelics Listicles

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