Ben Sessa

Ben Sessa is psychedelics researcher, psychotherapist, advocate for legalization, author, co-founder of Breaking Convention, and Chief Medical Officer at AWAKN Life Sciences.


He is an outspoken critic of the current system by which drugs are prohibited, he believes a more progressive policy of regulation would reduce the harms of drug use, increase access to services and provide more opportunities for psychedelic research.

He has published an overview of the psychedelics field in 2012 in The Psychedelic Renaissance. This book presents a holistic view of where the research stood at that time. His fictional book on psychedelics, To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic, is more in line with his view that psychedelics therapy should be made accessible, pronto.

He is a co-founder of Breaking Convention, one of the leading psychedelic conferences.

As Chief Medical Officer at AWAKN Life Sciences (which bought into his private practice ‘Mandala Therapy Limited’), he hopes to bring psychedelics-assisted therapy to the UK. He works closely together with many of the researchers of which David Nutt is the most notable.

Notable Research Papers

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He has given many talks, these are some of them:

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