AWAKN Life Sciences

AWAKN Life Sciences aims to bring psychedelics therapy to the UK. Under this company fall three arms; psychedelic research, clinic platform, and practitioner training.

AWAKN Life Sciences

“AWAKN is a UK and European focused company that is dedicated to integrating psychedelics into mental healthcare. We work across three business lines of clinical research, therapeutic clinics and practioner training.”

The three arms of the company are:


AWAKN started in 2020 and announced itself by buying a controlling (51%) stake in Ben Sessa’s private practice (Mandela Therapy Limited).

The company has bold plans in the three categories, but has yet to execute on the vision.

You can read their July 2020 investor presentation here.

Many of the key staff (below) have come from the cannabis industry (US/CA).

Key Staff

  • David Nutt – Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board
  • Ben Sessa – Chief Medical Officer
  • George Scorsis – Chairman, Corporate Board
  • Anthony Tennyson – Chief Executive Officer
  • Jonathan Held – Chief Financial Officer
  • Laurie Higbed – Lead Pychologist
  • Dawn DeCunha – Advisor
  • Mike Hart – Advisor
  • Matthew Johnson – Scientific Advisory Board


Although AWAKN will most probably work with universities for their research, currently they don’t list partners.


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