MindMed is one of the largest companies in the psychedelics space and is developing various psychedelics for mental health disorders.


MindMed (Mind Medicine Inc.) has various drugs in clinical trials. LSD for anxiety is the most advanced (Phase 2b) with LSD for suicide headaches and LSD microdosing for adult ADHD following shortly behind that (Project Lucy). MindMed is also researching 18-MC for opioid withdrawal & addiction and is in the early stages of research with MDMA and DMT. In August 2020 they also registered a trial with MDMA and LSD.

Part of the work they do is in collaboration with Liechti Lab and NYU to which they granted $5 million for the launch of their Center for Psychedelic Medicine.

In November 2020 the company also launched their ‘Albert’ initiative, announcing (more) plans for making digital apps/platform around psychedelic therapies.

“MindMed gains exclusive worldwide rights to data, compounds, and patent rights associated with the Liechti laboratory’s research with LSD and other psychedelic compounds, including data from preclinical studies and eight completed or ongoing LSD clinical trials.”

MindMed is listed on the stock exchange and is also known for having Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank) and Bruce Linton (Canopy Growth) as investors. The total investment in MindMed to date is $30.2 million (updated: now over $50 million). The company is listed on the NEO Exchange (Canada) but plans to ‘up-list’ to the Nasdaq.

18-MC (synthetic molecule derived from ibogaine) has previously been bought from Savant HWP Inc. and is now currently in Phase I of clinical trails and is well-tolerated so far.

Key Staff

  • JR Rahn – Co-Founder & CEO
  • Stephen L. Hurst – Co-Founder (formally Co-CEO)
  • Carol Nast – COO
  • Scott Freeman – Co-Founder & CMO
  • Dave Guebert – CFO
  • Donald Gehlert – CSO
  • Miri Halperin – President
  • Jeanne Bonelle – EVP, Technical Operations
  • Nico Forte – Senior Director, Business Operations and Development
  • Madeline Feldman – Director of Operations & Administration
  • Collin Gage – Head of Corporate Development
  • Matthew W. Johnson – on the scientific advisory board
  • Peter Gasser – advisor on Project Lucy


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