Kevin O’Leary Predicts These 3 Psychedelic Companies Will Merge, But Should They?

Famed investor Kevin O’Leary made a bold prediction last Tuesday, saying that psychedelic companies MindMed, atai Life Sciences and Compass Pathways will merge. For psychedelic stock investors, this would be a tsunami-sized event that would have ripple effects throughout the industry.

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MindMed is one of the largest companies in the psychedelics space and is developing various psychedelics for mental health disorders.

atai Life Sciences
atai Life Sciences is one of the biggest companies in the psychedelics field. The company aims to be a platform and has nine subsidiary companies working on everything from psilocybin for depression to DMT administration.

COMPASS Pathways
COMPASS Pathways is a publicly listed company (NASDAQ) that is developing psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression (TRD) for which it has completed a successful Phase IIb trial. COMPASS is one of the largest psychedelic companies and has received substantial investment from atai.