atai Life Sciences

atai Life Sciences is one of the biggest companies in the psychedelics field. The company aims to be a platform and has nine subsidiary companies working on everything from psilocybin for depression to DMT administration.

ATAI Life Sciences

“atai Life Sciences AG is a global biotechnology company builder that aims to ultimately cure mental health disorders. atai leverages a decentralized, technology- and data-driven platform model to serve millions of people suffering from mental illness. In particular, atai is committed to developing psychedelic substances to address significant unmet medical needs that are rooted in a lack of innovation in neuropsychiatry. Investors include Christian Angermayer, Mike Novogratz, Thor Bjorgolfsson, and Subversive Capital, among others.”


atai has been funded up to the tune of $304 million. This was done in a Series A (2018), B (2019), convertible notes (2020), series C (2020), and D (2021). Find out more about their funding on Crunchbase.

Most notable/controversial is the backing of Peter Thiel, a libertarian and business man who isn’t perceived positively by some/many in the psychedelics field.

Key staff

  • Christian Angermayer – Founder
  • Florian Brand – Co-founder & CEO
  • Srinivas Rao – CSO
  • Rolando Gutierrez-Esteinou – CMO
  • Greg Weaver – CFO
  • Mathias Luz – Lead Clinical Development


atai’s platform approach can be found on their website. It currently (January 2020) lists the following companies (plus one that is confidential)

They have also partnered with Cyclica on AI-drug development.


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