Woven Science

Woven Science is a company that aims to build several arms related to the treatment of mental health disorders with psychedelics. They do this with taking indigenous rights into account and through a holistic lens.

Woven Science

“The company recently co-led a $4.1m investment round into Reconnect Labs AG, a Swiss drug development company taking a combination product of harmine and DMT through clinical trials.”

Noetic Psychedelic Fund is an investor in Woven Science.

Woven Science backs and builds best-in-class companies in the mental wellness space with a focus on psychedelic therapeutics. Woven is dedicating a percentage of its equity to El Puente, the non-profit arm of their company who are working toward ensuring access and benefit-sharing of psychedelic medicine to indigenous communities.

Woven are creating an ecosystem of companies focused on various aspects of psychedelic medicine including; community engagement, drug development, clinics and technology. Currently, Woven’s portfolio consists of 17 companies and they hold the majority share in 3 of these companies. Through their portfolio, Woven are interested in making DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, Psilocybin, Ketamine and MDMA into viable therapy options.

Woven have partnered with Founders Factory to create an accelerator program for businesses in the psychedelic space. The program is designed to help start-ups in the industry who have early traction or a market-ready product, and want to scale their business.

Key Staff

  • Nick von Christierson – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Giles Hayward – Co-Founder
  • Lou Sagar – Co-Founder
  • Riwa Harfoush – Executive
  • William Usdin – Executive
  • Adam Horowitz – Advisor
  • Dennis McKenna – Advisor
  • Merlin Sheldrake – Advisor


Company Information

Woven Science Website

May, 2021


B2B B2C Digital Health / Software / App

Topics of Interest
Equity and Ethics

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