Noetic is a prolific psychedelic venture fund that invests in startups in the wellness and psychedelic space.

Noetic Psychedelic Fund

The venture fund comes from Grey House Partners and invests in a whole range of therapeutic and pharmaceutical companies, many of which work directly with psychedelics.

The first fund is fully allocated (24 investments) and a second fund is currently making investments in the $5-15 million range.

Notable investments from the first fund are Compass Pathways, Cybin (both exited), Psygen, and Woven Science.

Noetic has taken the North Star pledge and its team is passionately involved in the psychedelic industry.

The company has launched their second fund in February of 2021. Venture partners (advisors) to this fund include Matthew Baggott, Jeffrey Becker, and David Rabin.

Company Information

Noetic Website

June, 2020


B2B Investor

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Company News

Psychedelics startups are on a long journey to consumer markets, but these 5 VCs are taking the ride (TechCrunch, 04 May 2022)

Beckley Psytech Raises £14m ($18.6m) to Advance Development of 5-MeO-DMT for Neuropsychiatric Diseases (Psilocybin Alpha, 19 December 2020)
Beckley Psytech has raised $18.6 million to advance 5-MeO-DMT (and third-generation follow-ups) through trials and hopes to have it be approved by 2025. Investors in the current round include Noetic and Bail Capital.

Noetic Launches Second Fund to Invest in Emergent Psychedelic Medicine Sector (Press Release, 04 March 2021)

Noetic Commits to Investing $6.95M into Seed Round for The Alexander Shulgin Research Institute for Psychedelic Drug Discovery and Development (Press Release, 09 December 2021)
In December 2019, Noetic led the seed round for the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute, funding it to the tune of $6.95 million.

Noetic Fund II Leads Series A Financing into CaaMTech Inc. (Press Release, 08 September 2021)
Noetic, through its second fund, has invested the majority of CaaMTech's $22 million Series A funding round. The money will be used to move into clinical trials.


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