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The Paul Liknaitzky Lab at Monash University is Australia‘s first research group dedicated to the study of psychedelics. The lab is developing a rigorous program for the study of all aspects of psychedelic medicine and is run by Dr Paul Liknaitzky.

In September 2021, therapists completed training for an upcoming trial investigating MDMA-assisted for PTSD at the lab. This training was developed and delivered by MAPS. The lab has also put forward a proposal to conduct a Phase IIb clinical trial of the efficacy and safety of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy.

The team at Monash have received ethical approval to conduct the world’s first trial exploring the use of psilocybin-assisted therapy to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

In addition to psychedelic clinical trials, the lab conducts a range of other psychedelic research, psychedelic therapist training programs, and education. Their research occurs within BrainPark at Monash University, a state-of-the-art research platform that is unparalleled in its ability to support this unique form of treatment. In a seamless, patient-centred, and highly conducive environment, the Clinical Psychedelic Research Lab combines cutting-edge psychedelic treatment with evidence-based psychotherapeutic and behavioural interventions.

Their work includes expanding psychedelic research and treatment into new indications, exploring synergies between psychedelics and various psychotherapeutic and behavioural interventions, improving treatment and training outcomes, investigating therapeutic mechanisms, predicting patient responses, and evaluating cost-effectiveness. Their goal is to develop psychedelic-assisted therapies that are effective, safe, feasible, and affordable.

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