Psychedelic Conferences 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to psychedelic conferences happening in 2023! As the field of psychedelic medicine continues to gain momentum and capture the attention of researchers, healthcare professionals, and the general public, many conferences are being organized worldwide to explore the therapeutic potential, cultural impact, and scientific advancements in this fascinating area.

These events bring together leading experts, advocates, investors, and enthusiasts to share their insights, experiences, and knowledge on the transformative power of psychedelics. This page has compiled a list of all psychedelic conferences in 2023, ensuring you stay informed and connected with the latest developments and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning your journey into the world of psychedelic medicine, our guide will help you navigate the exciting events and gatherings happening throughout the year.

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1 ECNP New Frontiers Meeting 2023: Psychedelics

19-20 Mar
Research science, psychedelics for brain disorders | free live stream option

2 Benzinga Psychedelics Conference

13 Apr
Business-focused psychedelic investment

3 Breaking Convention

20-22 Apr
Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic consciousness

4 Chacruna Queering Psychedelics II

22-23 Apr
Explores the intersection of psychedelics, LGBTQ+ identities, and diverse perspectives

5 Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine

28-30 Apr
Psychedelics for healing | Hybrid conference

6 MT Tam Integration Jam 2023

28-30 Apr
Psychedelic integration and healing | Online conference

7 Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development Conference

15-16 May
Blend of research, industry, and non-profit | Woolley, Heifets, Dolen

8 Psycon Oregon

19-20 May
Conference & trade show for the newly legalized psilocybin market in Oregon

9 Psychedelic Science 2023

19-25 Jun
Everything and everyone, by MAPS, be there or be ⬛ (Colorado)

10 PSYCH Symposium London

6 Jul
Business-focused conference in London

11 PhilaDelic

3-15 Jul
Hosted at the University of Pennsylvania by Penn Psychedelic Collaborative

12 INSIGHT 2023

31-3 Aug/Sep
Mainly academic with some implementation, by MIND Foundation (Berlin)

13 Psycon Colorado

29-30 Sep 
Trade show and expo for Colorado’s emerging psychedelic industry

14 Horizons NY

12-15 Oct
16th edition of the renowned conference for academics & general public

15 Meet Delic

14-15 Oct
Researchers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts | Las Vegas

16 National Psychedelic Policy & Investment Conference

17-18 Oct
By the Psychedelic Medicine Coalition & Psychedelics Today

17 Sana Symposium

9-11 Nov
Online academic conf. combining psychiatry, psychotherapy & addiction treatment

18 Wonderland Miami

9-11 Nov
The biggest recurring general-audience conference on psychedelics

19 Horizons Northwest

1-3 Dec
Latest developments in research & practice w/ focus on Oregon

20 Psychedelic Medicine Israel

10-13 Dec
New academic conference | Doblin, Preller, Olson

In conclusion, the numerous psychedelic conferences happening in 2023 offer a wealth of opportunities for learning, networking, and engagement. With a diverse range of topics and areas of focus, these events cater to various interests and goals within the field of psychedelic medicine.

We encourage you to explore the conferences that best align with your objectives and interests. Attending one or two events can provide you with valuable insights, connections, and experiences that could shape your personal or professional journey in this groundbreaking field.