Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2023

Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2023 is an academic conference on the use of psychedelics for medical purposes. It will take place from 28-31 July, 2024 (postponed from Dec ’23) and features speakers like Rick Doblin and Bia Labate.

Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2023 is an international conference that aims to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, unveiling innovations, and training in the basics of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The conference will be focused on basic, translational, and clinical research, with a richly varied program that includes Plenary Lectures, Thematic Symposia, Poster Sessions, Workshops, and informal Salons for discussion and interaction.

The conference organizers encourage participation from students and trainees and will offer Young Investigator Stipends for those interested in applying. The conference also encourages participation from the highly innovative psychedelic drug development sector, and sponsorships will be available and acknowledged.

There will be a central exhibition area for the industry to present their products and innovations. Tel Aviv, where the conference is being held, is a modern cultural centre with many fine restaurants, art galleries, beaches, entertainment centres, and museums. It is known for its bustling nonstop activity day and night.

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Type of Event: Conference

Audience: Academic

Dates: 28 - 31 July 2024

Price: $ 400 - 1500