Places to Check for News

In the search for the latest and greatest in psychedelics (research) news, we’ve compiled the following list of sources. They are organized by the frequency they normally publish news.




Active on Social Media:




Podcasts (see all Podcast here)



Newsletters – sign up at:

Archive / Lists

Our Process

This describes the process that we take when we check the psychedelic (scientific) news.


  • Check news that came in via email
  • Add news stories to the monthly news blog
    • Link and a short description
    • Organized by theme or category (e.g. corporate corner, or specific drug)
    • Possibly also make a link back to the paper that a news story is about
  • If a new company/person of interest is mentioned, add to the company/people database


  • Check Twitter for news
  • Check the above news sources (blogs)
  • Check the monthly/quarterly blogs if first Monday of the month/quarter


  • Add episodes from podcasts to relevant companies/news updates


  • Check for new scientific papers on Google Scholar and PubMed
  • Add links and abstract to monthly research blog
    • Possibly also make a link back to the news that was (already) written about the paper
  • Add (most) significant papers to the paper database

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