Ehave Inc. Announces Psychedelics Precision Medicine Platform For Clinical Research

Ehave Inc. has announced that its KetaDASH subsidiary will begin using precision medicine to improve patient outcomes through its partnership with Entheon Biomedical Corp.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, HaluGen Life Sciences. KetaDASH will become one of the first psychedelic companies to use precision medicine to test patients by using HaluGen’s expanded psychedelics genetic testing panel, which analyzes a series of relevant DNA biomarkers and utilizes pre-screening mental health surveys in order to provide insights into an individual’s risk and potential of adverse reactions with the use of ketamine

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Ehave is playing a main job in the advancement of computerized therapeutics by making an extensible stage whereupon amazing, condition-explicit applications can be planned, fabricated, clinically approved, and sent.

Entheon Biomedical
Entheon Biomedical is a listed (CSE) company that aims to develop DMT for addiction treatment.

HaluGen Life Sciences
Enabling safer psychedelic experiences through genetics.