Braxia Scientific

Braxia Scientific Corp (previously Champignon Brands and Apotheosis Scientific) is one of the for-profit companies developing therapies in conjunction with psychedelics. In its short history, it has acquired a psilocybin research firm Tassili Life Sciences, a mushroom cultivator (Artisan Growers), and has recently started offering esketamine treatments for MDD.

Braxia Scientific is mental healthcare and wellness company with a growing global network of multidisciplinary clinics that specialize in ketamine treatments for mood disorders.

Braxia Scientific

“Champignon is pursuing the development and commercialization of rapid onset treatments capable of improving health outcomes, such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as substance and alcohol use disorders. Champignon continues to be inspired by sustainability, as its medicinal mushroom-infused SKUs are organic, non- GMO and vegan certified.”

“Last night, Champignon Brands (CSE: SHRM) announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tassili Life Sciences Corp. Tassili is currently working in partnership with the University of Miami to develop effective psilocybin-based treatments for post traumatic stress disorder as well as mild traumatic brain injuries.

Since going public in early 2020, the company has acquired multiple other companies. These include:

  • Wellness Clinic of Orange County – ketamine clinic in the US – May 2020
  • AltMed – ketamine clinic, IP, novel drug discovery – April 2020
  • Tassili Life Sciences – psilocybin for PTSD – March 2020
  • Novo Formulations – IP, delivery platform – March 2020)
  • Artisan Growers – mushroom growers – March 2020

Braxia has raised a total of U$14 million in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 6, 2022 from a Post-IPO Equity round. They are listed on the CNSX under the ticker BRAX.

They have sponsored TheraPsil, a non-profit that lobbies for decriminalization/legalization in Canada.

Key Staff

  • Roger McIntyre – CEO & Director
  • Matthew Fish – President, Corporate Secretary & Director
  • Steven Brohman – CFO
  • W. Gareth Birdsall – Director
  • Bill Wilkerson – Director
  • Jerery Habuda – Director


Company Information

Braxia Scientific Website

June, 2019


B2B B2C Pharmaceutical

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HQ / Office Vancouver, BC, Canada