Blossom Update – February 2022

The start of 2022 marked a new year – new dawn – for Blossom. After covering psychedelic research for over 2 years, we are now focussing more of our attention on the implementation side of the equation.

To that effect, Iain (our lead writer) has been hard at work to realise our Topic reports. Here he has covered the research and the companies excited to implement it per research area. The amazing articles cover everything from psychedelics for depression to OCD.

These are the milestones that we achieved this January 2022:

  • Added the Events section – now also covering all psychedelic conferences
  • Published 11 new articles – including our monthly & bi-weekly research recaps
  • Completed nearly all of our Topic pages
  • Finished most of the website redesign

February 2022 Blossom Plans

It has been quite a strange time for Blossom though. We had a cooperation planned which eventually didn’t go through. We did work together with an amazing NGO – as technical editors – on an upcoming report.

As we are expanding our coverage of psychedelics (as medicines) implementation, we are now looking to work together with the leading psychedelic companies to produce interesting & exciting informational products. The first fruits of this exploration, a map of psychedelic research, will hopefully be ready to launch in the next few weeks.

If you’re at a company that would like to showcase information about psychedelics – from whichever angle makes the most sense to you – please do get in touch with us.

These are the milestones that we’re working towards in February 2022:

  • Launch the map project
  • Revamp the courses section
  • Add several (interactive) infographic pages based on our databases
  • Publish our Topic pages as downloadable .pdfs
  • Partner with at least 2 more companies on our informational products

See our roadmap for more information.

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