Olivia Marcus

Olivia Rose Marcus is a Ph.D. candidate in applied medical anthropology at the University of Connecticut. Her fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon explores mental wellness, professionalization, and legitimization of Amazonian healing techniques among locals and foreigners.


Olivia Marcus received her MPH in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University, which provided training in health behavior, intervention design, and program evaluation. Her earlier research on HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health involved an inquiry into traditional, complementary, and alternative approaches to healing and symptom management. She has authored articles on ethnomedical responses to the 2014/15 Ebola epidemic, plant medicine in the Peruvian Amazon, and mental health implications of ayahuasca shamanism.

Notable Research Papers

  • Loving Ebola-chan: Internet memes in an epidemic (Olivia Rose Marcus & Merrill Singer, 2017)


She has given many talks:

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