Floris Wolswijk

Floris Wolswijk is the founder of Blossom. Blossom serves as an informational hub for psychedelic insights, from cutting-edge research to the companies implementing psychedelic-assisted therapy. Floris has also co-founded FLO coaching together with his partner Lotte. They provide psychedelic-assisted coaching with a focus on adequate preparation and integration.

Floris studied Psychology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and graduated with a master’s degree in 2014. Through his decade of personal experiences with psychedelics and subsequent engagement with scientific literature, he fell in love with the psychedelics field. He is helping make psychedelics more widely available and hopes they can be widely used both as therapeutics and for self-development.

Floris is also a local leader in the Effective Altruism movement, where he encourages people to do the most good they can. He donates 10% of his income to effective charities like StrongMinds, which help people battle depression and anxiety.

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