Psychedelic Experiences and Mindfulness are Associated with Improved Wellbeing

This survey (n=1219) assessed the relationship between psychedelic use, mindfulness and wellbeing in people who engage in both meditation practices and psychedelic use. Mindfulness and mystical experiences were found to predict increases in well-being while psychedelic induced mystical experiences explain improvements in wellbeing.


Rationale: Both psychedelics and mindfulness are a recently emerging topic of interest in academia and popular culture alike. Personal meditation practices and recreational psychedelic use have consistently increased in the past decade. While clinical work has shown both to improve long-term wellbeing, the data on naturalistic applications of psychedelics and mindfulness is rather lacking.

Objective: The current study aims to examine the relationship between psychedelic use, mindfulness, and multi-faceted wellbeing as an outcome. Hierarchical regression was used to quantify these associations on a large sample of people (N = 1219), who engage in both meditation practices and psychedelic use.

Results: These results show that both mindfulness and mystical experiences each predict substantial increases in wellbeing. Psychedelics were found to be an important moderator of mystical experience to explain improvements in wellbeing.

Conclusions: These data are among the first to establish a strong relationship between personal mindfulness practice, recreational psychedelic use, and overall psychological wellbeing in a naturalistic framework.”

Authors: Tianhong T. Qiu & John P. Minda

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Neuroscience Personality

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1219 Humans

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