LSD response in Eysenckian trait types identified by polypredictive CFA

This classical paper (1996) analysed data from 65 participants who ingested LSD (70μg/70kg) and showed how different personality types responded to the psychedelic.


“The four personality type combinations derived from high and low extraversion () and high and low neuroticism () have been related to response patterns composed of three symptoms (affective disturbances, thinking disturbances, and blackouts) scored as present (+) or absent (−) after a single oral dose of the hallucinogenic drug LSD-25. Hypotheses for expected response patterns for each personality group were derived from a data set obtained by Kohnen and Lienert (1987). Significance of associations was tested by two strategies of polyprediction configural frequency analysis (CFA): multiple uniprediction and biprediction CFA. Both strategies yielded a significant hyperpresentation of all three symptoms present in E+N+ (hysterics), merely thinking disorders in dysthymics (E−N+), merely affective symptoms in E+N− (stable extraverts), and merely blackouts in N−E− (stable introverts). Authors tried to relate these symptoms to Kretschmer’s temperament types and could afterwards show by a chessboard modification of prediction CFA, that by applying two combined hypotheses for two personality types each, the significance of the predicted associations could be increased.”

Authors: Gustav A. Lienert & Petra Netter

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LSD response in Eysenckian trait types identified by polypredictive CFA

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Published in
Personality and Individual Differences
May 28, 1996
11 citations

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Open-Label Re-analysis

65 Humans

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LSD 70 - 70
μg | 1x
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