LSD in the supportive care of the terminally ill cancer patient

This open-label case study (1985, n=4) describes the experience of administrating LSD (100-400μg, multiple sessions) in supportive circumstances but without much knowledge of set & setting and effective therapeutic interventions.


From the conclusion: “In the search for new techniques that might enhance the efficacy of psychotherapy, particularly in those patients whose motivational powers have been weakened or lost, a compound such as LSD may hold considerable promise. This is reinforced by the fact that the experiences in this study indicate that trained personnel can implement the psychedelic procedure with relatively high safety and replicate its major objective, the peak experience, to a degree that makes the phenomenon difficult to sweep under the experimental rug. At the same time, it underscores the need for controlled studies, an objective that may be very difficult to achieve in view of the unique nature of the drug experience and its therapeutic objective.”

Author: Albert A. Kurland

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