A single psilocybin dose is associated with long-term increased mindfulness, preceded by a proportional change in neocortical 5-HT2A receptor binding

This open-label study (n=10) found a significant increase in mindfulness (MAAS) and openness (NEO PI-R) after a single high dose (14-21mg) of psilocybin.


“A single dose of the serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2AR) agonist psilocybin can have long-lasting beneficial effects on mood, personality, and potentially on mindfulness, but underlying mechanisms are unknown. Here, we for the first time conduct a study that assesses psilocybin effects on cerebral 5-HT2AR binding with [11C]Cimbi-36 positron emission tomography (PET) imaging and on personality and mindfulness. Ten healthy and psychedelic-naïve volunteers underwent PET neuroimaging of 5-HT2AR at baseline (BL) and one week (1W) after a single oral dose of psilocybin (0.2–0.3 mg/kg). Personality (NEO PI-R) and mindfulness (MAAS) questionnaires were completed at BL and at three-months follow-up (3M). Paired t-tests revealed statistically significant increases in personality Openness (p-uncorrected = 0.04, mean change [95%CI]: 4.2[0.4;∞]).”

Authors: Martin Korsbak Madsen, Patrick MacDonald Fisher, Dea Siggaard Stenbæk, Sara Kristiansen, Daniel Burmester, Szabolcs Lehel, Tomas Páleníček, Martin Kuchar, Claus Svarer, Brice Ozenne & Gitte M. Knudsen


This paper gives further evidence for psychedelics having the ability to change your personality (at 3 months follow-up in this case). This is corroborated by Maclean et al (2011) who found a similar result.

Noted should be that the although it’s statistically significant, the change is from 127 (16.6 standard deviation), to 131 (17.2), so the total change is quite small (3%).

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