Cybin Announces Positive CYB004 Data Demonstrating Significant Advantages Over Intravenous and Inhaled DMT

Cybin has announced positive preclinical data from a pharmacokinetic study evaluating its proprietary deuterated dimethyltryptamine (DMT) molecule, CYB004, delivered via inhalation. Specifically, inhaled CYB004 demonstrated significant advantages over both IV DMT and inhaled DMT, including a longer duration of action, and improved bioavailability.

The study also demonstrated that inhaled CYB004 showed a similar onset of effect and dose profile to IV DMT. These data may support the potential for inhalation as a viable and well-controlled delivery system of therapeutic psychedelics. Cybin is currently developing CYB004 for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

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Cybin is a for-profit company that aims to deliver psychedelics (psilocybin) via a sublingual delivery mechanism. The company aims to start clinical trials within the year (2021). It has raised $98 million US.