The Fundamentals of Psychedelics

The Synthesis Institute’s The Fundamentals of Psychedelics, is an on-demand digital conference that will provide mental health professionals and practitioners with a foundational understanding of how to work safely, ethically and skillfully with psychedelics as a treatment option. With the paradigm of mental health treatment on the brink of a long-overdue shift, this conference is designed to help professionals prepare for the increased availability of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

With the resurgence of interest in psychedelics’ therapeutic potential for a vast range of mental health issues, from depression to addiction to the acceptance of mortality and impermanence, the conference will cover best practices for mitigating risk, reducing harm, and ensuring positive short-term and long-term outcomes for clients. The conference will also cover how to integrate other modalities and self-care practices into the psychedelic healing journey.

The Synthesis Institute’s unique approach combines best practices from clinical research and wisdom traditions and draws upon hands-on experience guiding over 750 participants safely through psychedelic ceremonies. Through this conference recording, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the therapeutic power of psychedelics informed by the most leading-edge scientific research and wisdom traditions, understand the critical importance of integrating other modalities and self-care practices into the psychedelic journey of healing and have the opportunity to experience and practice these modalities guided by Synthesis Facilitators. They will also understand the role of screening, the power of psychedelic therapy inside a group setting and the importance and application of key therapeutic models.

The conference aims to align professionals with the importance and application of key therapeutic models and cultivate a commitment to provide access to marginalized and minority communities as an essential ethos associated with honouring the power of psychedelics. Attending the conference will also connect attendees to a growing international community of professionals and practitioners dedicated to advancing a new mental health model.

A second edition of the conference was held February 17-19, 2023. This version will be available for CE credits (16).

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