Psychedelic Practitioner Training

The Synthesis Institute’s Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training is a 13-month educational program designed for professionals interested in contributing to the burgeoning field of psychedelic therapy. As access to psychedelics increases and their potential to treat debilitating mental health conditions and treatment-resistant conditions becomes more widely recognized, the need for professionally trained practitioners is growing.

The program is designed to develop the essential foundational competencies required for legal, professional, and ethical psychedelic facilitation. The course includes nine coursework modules, each building upon the last, to ensure a cohesive, highly focused, and personalized educational experience. Participants will be assigned a personal mentor to guide them through the program and ensure they receive the support they need to succeed.

The program is research-backed, wisdom-rich, somatically-informed, and heart-centred, and it is designed to ensure that participants are well-rounded, professionally trained psychedelic facilitators. The program focuses on preparation, set, setting, and integration, and it takes great care in prioritizing safety.

As governments and the public become more open to the potential benefits of psychedelics, the demand for well-educated and experienced psychedelic practitioners is increasing. The Synthesis Institute’s Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training is an opportunity for professionals to join the forefront of this rapidly growing field and positively impact people’s lives.

The course spans 13 months of weekly lessons, group discussions, and peer support circles.

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