EMBARK Open Access

EMBARK Open Access (OA) is a comprehensive course designed to equip care providers with the skills and knowledge to provide ethical, culturally competent, and trauma-informed psychedelic facilitation. Based on the innovative EMBARK model, which combines elements from over a dozen previous approaches, this course focuses on six clinical domains and four care cornerstones that ensure effective therapeutic support within a broader framework of collective caregiving.

The EMBARK Training Program offers a blended model of live and self-guided activities, preparing participants to become Certified EMBARK Facilitators. The curriculum includes didactics, experiential activities, group discussions, independent study, and clinical supervision, led by a team of 28 faculty members, supervisors, and advisors. EMBARK’s creators, Bill Brennan, PhD, and Alex Belser, PhD, have developed the program based on process evidence in psychedelic clinical practice and the experiences of senior teachers and supervisors.

The EMBARK model has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Psychology and can be adapted to different clinical indications and problems, such as depression, alcohol use disorder, and anxiety. With its transdiagnostic treatment model and commitment to accessibility, EMBARK Open Access aims to revolutionize mental healthcare by providing innovative psychedelic-based treatment options.

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