Tim Cools

Tim Cools is a guide who has experience as a mindfulness teacher and leadership coach. Through his personal experience, he is now able to help others with guided trips and integration coaching.

The Company

“The Truffle Transformation Experience is designed to facilitate transformational changes in your life. It is a unique and powerful combination of one-on-one coaching and a psychedelic experience induced by consuming magic truffles, two proven catalysts for personal growth and deep psychological wellness.”

The integration coaching is per hour, the ‘truffle transformation experience’ consists of a full day experience with preparation before and integration afterwards.

Founded: 2020-08-01


  • Personal Growth

Guide Meeting Type:

  • Face-to-face
  • Virtual (video)

The Guide

Tim has experience as a mindfulness MBSR level 2 teacher, is a certified life coach, and has practiced meditation for over 10 years.


  • Netherlands


  • Preparation
  • Session (Treatment)
  • Integration


  • Half-Day
  • 1 Day

Costs (estimate, sliding scale): from €60 to €800


  • Psilocybin (Mushrooms)

Experience: New (1-100 sessions)

Group Size:

  • One-on-one

Company Information

Tim Cools Website

August, 2020


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