Mindbloom is an innovative ketamine clinic that aims to make psychedelics treatments more accessible. A normal treatment consists of four sessions and leans heavily on the use of technology to help the participant integrate the experience and keep costs down.

The Company

“We exist to help you expand your human potential. Artfully crafted and backed by science, our guided experiences are for those seeking to become more, so they can do more, for the world.”

Mindbloom originated from the positive experiences the founder, Dylan Beynon, had with psychedelics. Together with clinicians (specifically Dr. Casey Paleos) he designed a space and method for scaling up ketamine treatments. As of writing they have one space in New York and are planning to open more soon.

Founded: 2018-10-09


  • Depression

The Clinic

“We’ll guide you every step of the way with a personalized program that’s grounded in science, based on proven practices, and optimized to help you break through the obstacles holding you back from fulfilling your potential.‍”

After an online assessment, you will do a 45-minute video consult and psychiatric evaluation. You will set your intentions and have ample time to prepare for your first session. A typical session takes but 1 hour and is guided by ambient music. After that you will reflect on your experience and repeat it 3 more times. Mindbloom offers more 1-on-1 consultation if needed.


  • United States


  • Half-Day

Costs: from €1000 to €1150


  • Ketamine

Clinic Size:

  • One-on-one


Company Information

Mindbloom Website

October, 2018


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