Drug Science

“Drug Science is the leading independent scientific body on drugs in the UK. We work to provide clear, evidence-based information without political or commercial interference.”

Drug Science provides independent information about different drugs (here) and commentary on drug policy (in the UK, here). The organisation was founded by David Nutt and aims to provide rational information to improve how the UK (and the wider world) thinks about drugs, including psychedelics.

The mission of Drug Science is “To provide an evidence base free from political or commercial influence, creating the foundation for sensible and effective drug laws. Equipping the public, media and policymakers with the knowledge and resources to enact positive change.”

Key Staff

David Nutt – Founder and on Scientific Committee

David Badcock – CEO

Anne Schlag – Head of Research

James Bunn – Head of Operations

Alex Blanchard – Marketing & Digital Development Officer

Hannah Thurgur – Study Coordinator

Mike Barnes – Project 21 (see below) Clinical Lead


Project 21 – Europe’s first and biggest national medical cannabis registry, to create the largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis

Supervised Injection Facilities – Reducing the harm of intravenous drug use

MCDA modelling – Looking at the societal and personal harm of different drugs (MDMA, LSD, psilocybin were shown to be least harmful)

Medical Psychedelics Working Group – “a new working group of experts, policymakers and scientists. Its primary role is to campaign for the rescheduling of all psychedelic drugs for research and medical purposes

The Drug Science Podcast – This rationalist podcast from David Nutt and his team at Drug Science explores different drugs and the science and policy surrounding them

Drug Science also provides more Educational Content, Videos, and Drug Information.

See all podcasts in an overview here

Company Information

Drug Science Website

January, 2009


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